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Oratory – Youth Centre

A Salesian Oratory – Youth Centre is a “home that welcomes, a parish that evangelizes, a school that prepares pupils for life, and a playground where friends can meet and enjoy themselves”.

It is an atmosphere and an environment, more than an institute or a structure – a characteristic feature of all Salesian work. It primarily promotes confidence and a family spirit, joy and festivity, duty and values, free expression of youth leadership and collaboration with young and adults and faith and beliefs in God.

Oratory – Youth Centre can take many forms according to the geographical, religious and cultural realities which surrounds it. It offers the youngsters a healthy recreation, together with faith and moral education, employable skills, empowerment and platforms to express and experiment on their varied talents and potentials.

“Don Bosco’s Oratory is at the very origin of all the Salesian work and constitutes its prototype. It inspires all the different evangelizing projects and services of the Salesian mission.”(The constitutions of Congregation of the Salesians of Don Bosco, art. 40)

We, the Salesians reach out to nearly 678.283 youngsters through 1983 various types of Oratories and Youth Centres around the world. We are proud to acknowledge and honour the 25 647 and odd youth animators who engage themselves and their multifaceted resources in reaching out to the young. (Salesian Statistics as per Dec 2013)

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