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The option for poor youth and those abandoned and at risk, has been at the heart of the Salesian Family and its mission from the time of Don Bosco till today. A great variety of projects and facilities for poor youth, with the choice of education as inspired by the Saleisian preventive criteria, has sprung from this. Urged on by the awareness of the ever growing forms of social exclusion that inevitably results in poverty which at times leads to extreme and tragic ends.

Situations of poverty and social exclusion have a strong social impact. Moved to respond to the cries of the millons of the young who are the eventual victims of this, the Salesians reach out to them in myriad forms to alleviate their suffering and provide them what is rightfully their due; basic human rights, in particular right to education and a family.

The following are some forms of our response to them their challenges.

  • Work for Street Children; (abandoned and orphaned on the roads, run aways from home, internally displaced, etc)
  • Service for young people with special needs: (Juvenile deliquents, victims of sexual abuse, physically and psychologically differently abled children, etc)
  • Attention to immigrants;
  • Accompaniment of children in recovery and rehabilitation process; (HIV-AIDS infected and affected children, substance abusers and from such families, behavioural problems, etc)
  • Alternative educational services; (school drop outs, support programs for those who need additional help, employable and skill training, etc)
  • Integration programs; (victims of violence, war, religious fanaticism, etc)
  • Specific services for promotion of women
  • Centres that provide support programs; (children from dysfunctional families, families with non-standard living condition, etc)

All these major forms of service and other are carried out in favour of nearly 715 958 beneficiaries from 3520 centres. (Salesian Statistics as on Dec 2013)

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